Chambres d’hôtes les Métamorphozes

Au Domaine du Prieuré , Les MétamorphOZes : Chambres d'hôtes - Bed & Breakfast - 3 domaine du prieuré - 41120 Valaire - Loir et Cher

Art gallery and garden

The Gallery

OZ… That imaginary country… Here it’s the country of Blois, where, in a tiny village, in the middle of the countryside, the magician is a lady-fairy.
Les MétamorphOZes has been going for 12 years.
In her landscaped garden Marie-France Le Gall Gallou has created 4 rooms for the art gallery in the grounds of the priory which dates back to the 11th century. It is here that she welcomes known artists as well as those who are “emerging”. The artwork is as varied in type, as the mediums and techniques used. Engaged art, pop art, abstraction are just some of the ranges of art showing. Singular and out-of-the-ordinary in quality. P. Aini, P. Assémat, E. Fourrier or P. Carbonel (1925-2011), friend of J Dubuffet are just some of the artists. A lovely place to be in stunning surroundings !

Article de Patrick Le Fur pour la revue Artension 2016

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The Garden

The garden is the result of the passion transmitted from a grandfather to his granddaughter when only 8 years old.

A succession of small themed gardens rich in divers species (tree or vegetable) bend their way around the ancient moat of the 11th century priory. Jardîn’ART is the work of an artist glorifying the work of the garden. Exhibitions are outside as well as inside the gallery. Artists from the Loire Valley as well as elsewhere blend in with the place. Sculptures, seats, fountains, and installations, you might also encounter a heron or ducks, water-hens, frogs, dragonflies, butterflies,and a multitude of birds.
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